Our Legacy

‘Justice is Truth in Action’

Benjamin Israeli
Late Munn Data Ghose

Late Munn Datta Ghose


Mrs. Anju. K. Ghose,


Mr. Robin. L. Appaya,


He believed in justice for all and created us.

Ghose Chambers has been established by Late Munn Datta Ghose, Attorney in August 1971 at a time when there were few practicing Attorneys in Mauritius.

The name Ghose has, for two generations now, been in the legal profession.

Mrs. Anju. K. Ghose is the daughter of Late Munn Datta Ghose and joined Ghose Chambers on swearing in as an Attorney in 2001.

She has been appointed as Head of the Chambers at the death of Late Munn Datta Ghose and has taken over the legacy of Ghose Chambers to good shore up to now.

Arveena Ghose and Dya Ghose, the two other daughters of Late Munn Datta Ghose are also Attorneys.

We are in 2021 celebrating 50 years of practice in the legal profession and our trusted and esteemed clientele make us proud and happy to have reached this milestone.

Ghose Chambers is today comprised of a panel of full- fledged practicing Attorneys-at -law, Barristers-at-law and paralegals supported by a dedicated staff.

At Ghose Chambers we provide our clients with clear, concise and professional advice. Our experienced team of lawyers strive towards a proactive, client-first approach. We are dedicated to securing the best results for those we represent.

Our track record ensures our clientele receives first class service and commercially savvy advice that lead to sensible and positive solutions. We  assist a broad range of clients, from individuals,  public and private companies, both local and international.

We act for a wide range of businesses and individuals and our clientele relies on the expertise, dynamism, committed service and sound advice that always ensure they achieve the excellent results we would insist on for ourselves.

We are recognized for our commitment to providing high quality legal services and we pride ourselves on our ability to forge and maintain long term relationships with our significant portfolio of clients. Ghose Chambers is presently the legal adviser of several corporate entities, banks and insurance companies in Mauritius including some of the largest groups and statutory bodies.

Ghose Chambers has also provided legal assistance to major local companies with regard to their reorganization and amalgamation and has also been involved in the preparation of legal documents for the public offering of shares and debentures on the local market for listing on the Mauritius Stock Exchange.

Ghose Chambers has over the years developed a trustworthy network with respected barristers, sworn land surveyors and notaries which ease client contact should they need any service from those professionals.

Given our Mauritian heritage and its deep local diversity and culture, Ghose Chambers is supported by a multi-lingual staff who speaks English, French, Creole and Hindi fluently.