Dispute resolution and Arbitration

Disputes are often stressful and destructive, and always distract people from their core business. With a commitment to robust, innovative and dynamic service, combined with open communication, our Chambers deliver swift, cost-effective and commercially-sensible resolutions. Our Chambers advises clients on all facets of commercial and civil disputes.

Arbitration is a flexible, consensual process for resolving commercial disputes in a manner which will bind the parties and which is enforceable. Parties entrust their dispute to one or more independent and impartial third party or parties who will decide on the dispute. The arbitrators or the Arbitral tribunal as it is often called, make an award or give a decision after having heard all the parties, through rules of procedure that have been commonly agreed between them. The award is binding on the parties and can be made enforceable by the judicial authorities through the procedure of ‘exequatur’. Ghose Chambers also represent its clients in arbitration cases.