Mrs. Anju Ghose

Mrs. Anju. K. Ghose is the holder of a 2nd Class Upper Division LLB degree from the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom.

She returned to Mauritius to complete the Solicitors Vocational Examination which she passed with flying colors.

Mrs. Anju. K. Ghose is a practicing Attorney since November 2001 and with 19 years practice. She is today the Head of Chambers.

She sits as Director on various management companies, private companies and fund management companies. She is also the legal advisor of numerous banks, private companies, financial funds and insurance entities in Mauritius.

Mrs. Anju. K. Ghose has been nominated Pupil Master since 2017 and is honoured to have coached and guided several Attorneys and Counsels to prepare for their calling in the profession.

Mrs. Anju. K. Ghose is supported by a panel of lawyers and a dedicated staff. Her personal and empathetic approach has proven invaluable in assisting clients. She believes in her clients and becomes their staunch defender. She has a proven track record of success and a clever tactical eye. She works closely with leading barristers, including Senior Counsels, to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. As a highly experienced Attorney,  she advises and represents clients in civil matters, corporate issues and commercial litigations. She also specialises in arbitration matters and has appeared before the International Court of Arbitration.

Mrs. Anju. K. Ghose is AML/CFT certified and is very conversant in dealing with money laundering cases.

Mrs.Anju.K.Ghose’s great grand parents are of Benjali origin having emigrated to Mauritius from India as traders. Her family has since then settled down in Mauritius and brought their contribution in the legal profession since 2 generations now.